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72 000

she doesn't want introspection.
[pg, spoilers for in the line of duty, sam, sam/jack]

the smell of cold
daniel was standing beside him, smelling of blood and dirt and tears.
[pg, no spoilers, angst]

chemistry for beginners
'i think i'm going to throw up.'
[pg, no spoilers, mini sam/jack]

salt tequila lime
she looks in the mirror and doesn't recognise herself
[pg, no spoilers, sam backstory]

the most he'd ever heard in a row was six.
[pg, spoilers to abyss, sam/jack]

it is stuck to your monitor, fourteen words, black on a yellow post-it note.
[g, no spoilers, sam/jack]

her voice grated against the purr of the engine.
[pg, no spoilers, sam/jack]

then she glanced at him and saw him staring.
[pg, no spoilers, sam/jack]

it does something to you, killing people
[pg, season one]

fair exchange
'what are you so upset about, sir?'
[pg, no spoilers, sam/jack]

she hadn't looked at him once during the briefing.
[pg, spoilers for shades of grey, sam/jack]
[sequel to shattered]

that much dust could settle in a week?
[pg, spoilers for one hundred days, sam/jack]

dust storms of diamonds
she tried to follow his gaze, but there were just too many stars.
[g, no spoilers, sam/jack]

they were there again.
[pg, no spoilers, sam/jack]

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